Holly Jaleski

“Holly, when are you coming back to town? I can’t wait to see you.” I stared into space, trying to figure it out, but I wasn’t looking forward to seeing him. Just 4 months ago I drove hundreds of miles with this man to meet his parents. On that trip…

Imagine being this cute, eating weeds, being quiet and still being hated?

Seems impossible right? I mean just the eating weeds part should be enough to endure this cute little rodent to just about anybody.

AND they are the arch enemy of those nasty voles that eat the roots of…

We’re all familiar with the cottontail. The bane of gardeners and the delight of hawks.

In the east they’re fur is a little darker than the southwest, where the forest is less dense and the light more profuse.

I’d always assumed that there was the western cottontail and the eastern…

Throughout my journey in the Northwest, every morning, no matter where I was, how deep in the woods or shouldered by a road, a Robin serenaded me as the new day started. Their simple song, like a high pitched baby’s gurgle, showers contentment on all who hear.

They’re like the…

The humidity of the Olympic Peninsula held the air low and grey. The sun was out, but the wetness stifled it’s flow. A roaring creek, that will be only a trickle in a month, flowed down the hillside, on its way to the Hood canal some miles below.

I sat…

Who’s Out There? a DAY owl?!

I sat at the edge of an open field, one where the evergreen trees struggled to take hold again around the edges of the new big leaf maples, and blackberry vines.

It was once a forest of Douglas fir and Red Cedar where wildlife…

Holly Jaleski

I write about everything from relationships with yourself, others and nature. I’m trained in biology, wildlife rehabilitation and physiological psych.

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